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Abstract icon representing the ecological call to recycle and reuse in the form of a pond with a recycling symbol in the middle of a beautiful untouched jungle. 3d rendering.

Performance, Quality and Reliability

Climate imPAKt is the first comprehensive Climate Change platform for Pakistan that addresses the holistic challenges faced across the climate change spectrum and facilitates the growth and scale of innovative local solutions. The platform will provide high quality strategic and accessible Climate intelligence from the country to various stakeholders in order for government, private sector and civil society both locally and internationally, to make informed, evidence-based decisions.

We will identify, highlight and convene impactful solutions in the climate change space. We will assess gaps in the ecosystem and curate knowledge and assets to produce a robust, holistic vision of Pakistan’s climate journey and build a collaborative that can drive impactful climate action for current and future generations

We want to harmonise, collate, analyse and interpret data that is digestible and accessible. The platform will connect the dots, drive conversation and bring local and global visibility to best-in-class practices which are climate-informed, evidence-based and equity-intentional.

Climate imPAKt works across two key areas:

Curating evidence-based, digestible information to inform all stakeholders on all key areas affected by climate in Pakistan for informed decision-making.

Collaborating with the public, private and third sector to drive greater commitment and action. Identifying local, impactful solutions that can be scaled.

Sustainable Development Goals

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